Business Law, Practiced Better


Nevers Palazzo attorneys are high caliber advocates and deal makers. But foremost we are counselors. Our clients’ successes demonstrate that Nevers Palazzo makes smart businesses better.

As trusted advisors to businesses and their owners for decades, we have implemented proven strategies or created new ones to overcome obstructions to realizing our client’s vision.

In transactional and litigation matters, we learn the client’s business and objectives, because progress of the business is paramount. We communicate clearly, collaborate with clients’ other advisors, and give frank counsel with the efficiency and strategic vision modern commerce requires. In local and national venues, Nevers Palazzo has been an important force for 25 years. We are grateful to be perceived both as expert counsel and as contributors in our community.

Nevers Palazzo’s business attorneys take a proactive approach to attacking issues. They often act as business advisors, something unique for attorneys, which is why my clients and I enjoy working with them.

Steve Martini, CPA, Martini, losue and Akpovi